The Unforgivable Sin.

“The Unforgivable Sin.”

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hat does that mean? Is there even such a thing? Bible believers wonder,   “Is it I?  Maybe I did something wrong, something so bad God would not pardon me! There you are, at the pearly gates, but told to wait. There’s a problem, step aside while we look into it. Uh oh! It must be that one.  And  that one too, and the one I hid so well nobody would find it. I should have disposed of  my pornography,  but didn’t have the opportunity.  Does that mean He sees everything we do? I am ruined! Everyone will say, “He was  no good!”

Of course this hypothetic scenario wasn’t serious, just an absurd abstraction of the serious. Whew! So glad to know it wasn’t real. Yes and no, depending on what reality you live in. There is a sin, (or error), which technically speaking cannot be forgiven: It’s stupidity. It’s not adultery, not drinking or smoking dope or looking at porn or any social vices religionists dictate. It’s Stupidity. Because if so,  nobody, not even God can help you.   

We are not talking about legitimate mental defect. There’s a difference between those who cannot think, and those who can but won’t. An insult to All Intelligence, a gift thrown away. Sorry, you lost your password. The gates won’t open for fools. How rich or educated or  well-connected you are doesn’t mean a thing. We want smart people here! Intelligent souls. Not necessarily geniuses, just common sense. Able to see the obvious. Someone who cannot be brainwashed, who sees a lie for what it is, and doesn’t live by lying either. 

    “All liars, the fearful and the unbelieving shall not enter.”



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