The Awakening Soul.



Truth is simple. There are no deep mysteries with truth. The further from truth we go, the more words are necessary. Lies are complicated, requiring many words to make them seem convincing. There is but one Consciousness: Christ which is Eternal Mind. This Consciousness recognizes all life to be of God, but realizes what appears to be material sight and sound is not that life itself, but the manifest thought of All Mind. Our real existence is Spirit, without form- the same as God. This Spirit is the spark which ignites Consciousness. There is no external God outside of ourselves, no mental image of God can be considered real. Pain, suffering, sorrow and disappointment aren’t punishment from God, but due to our small, hyper-sensitive idea of who we are, or rather who we think we are. We sleep, we dream, the seed germinates in spiritual darkness until the soil opens up to sunlight and the soul is awakened, putting forth its shoot rising up to the heavens. We are wonderfully reborn.

When the soul awakens from its sleep, it begins the return trip back to its true home, “the Father’s House” Jesus called it. The journey home also includes guidance from within, sometimes referred to as a master, but it’s really your own Higher Self which can now begin operating through intuition, the “still small voice.” Without the unseen master’s help, the long pilgrimage back to God cannot be made alone.

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