“The Vigil.”

Vigil: n. Watching, alert; attention; The eve preceding a Feast of the Church.

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Breathe deep the dark and gathering gloom. Watch lights fade from every room. Cold-hearted orb that rules the night, removing color from our sight. Red is gray and yellow white. But we decide which is right- which is an illusion. -The Moody Blues.

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t is another sign: The Corona Virus was an attack- an act of biological war, yet nobody will admit to this and nobody is held accountable. It was weaponized in China, but it was not an attack by the Chinese. Closer to home, somebody knows why and by whom this pathogen was released on an un-suspecting population. This virus did not get here by itself. It’s is a crime against humanity by people who want their own way and don’t care what it takes- even if everyone gets sick or dies. Covid 19 has proven to be an effective way to subjugate an entire society, by assuming “emergency powers” which are unconstitutional, telling us what we can and cannot do, where we can go or not go. It is working so well now there’s a second and third “strain.” Worse, it is psychological warfare too: Isolation, depression and a feeling of purposelessness. Mental fatigue: All anyone hears about or talks about is the virus. The mind is so overloaded with it, normal thought pathways have been disrupted, blocking the intellect and inspiration making it hard to just think! Life is deadened, it feels drab and impersonal. The mask covers our individuality and facial expression making communication difficult. There is no evidence wearing one makes any difference. We no longer get world news, every broadcast is about this. Those rushing to get the vaccine, unless absolutely necessary, might do well to think twice.

The Harbinger.

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n Sunday September 16th, 2001, I faced a congregation packing my church- standing room only. Many held little American flags. I was just a rural pastor in the mid-west, the heartland. For gener-ations they had lived and farmed here. The church dated back to 1865. For every pastor in America that morning it was time to wax eloquent. But what to say? There were recriminations by people like Jerry Falwell: It’s the fault of the gays, it’s abortion, it’s because of sin in the Church, etc. Such opinions were of no help. One thing I knew for sure- this was a sign. A warning shot over the bow. Borders closed, bridges and tunnels, air-lines grounded- everything came to a stop. It was even worse than Pearl Harbor, the only other surprise attack on U.S. soil. Where was God that day? This is America, how did this happen to us?

We never knew we had an enemy or who they were! Saudi nationals? But we have always been on good terms with the Saudis. It made no sense. We learned new words like “Jihad and radicalization,” and the name of someone, Osama Bin Laden. Who was he? The CIA knew him well. So why didn’t we see it coming? This disconnect is suspicious, somebody knew, so why were we left unprotected? I witnessed a display of nationalism, and put a bumper sticker on my car: “Don’t Mess with U.S.” I hoped it was a return to God and repentance as a nation for violating His laws. I could hardly believe the crowd on that Sunday. We sang songs like “God Bless America.” The patriotism and church attendance lasted about two weeks. It didn’t take long for us to forget the harbinger and boast of rebuilding an even better, stronger tower. We will pre- vail over our foes! So it was, a brand new Number One World Trade Center rose to the heavens. “We will make a name for ourselves!” Said those building the Tower of Babel. Genesis 11:4.

Harbinger: n. A precursor; to announce; foretell.

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Very impressive, and went up quickly too. Our enemies must look at this new tower and see in it America’s indomitable nature. In Jonathan Cahn’s book “The Harbinger,” the Harbinger or Sign is the Twin Towers attack. But Cahn re-lies on one obscure verse from the Bible as a proof-text, Isaiah 9:10. It says basically, look at this rubble! We will rebuild! Cahn says Instead of heeding the harbinger, this was the rebellious attitude of the Kingdom of Israel- a vow as it were, in defiance of the warnings, “We will rebuild!” We will put all this horror behind us and return to life as usual. Happy days will be here again.

If Cahn had read the whole Book of Isaiah, he surely would have found more proof-texts difficult to miss: “…in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall. Thine heart shall meditate on terror. Where is the scribe? Where is the receiver? Where is he that counted the towers? Thou shalt not see a fierce people, a people of deeper speech than thou canst not perceive, a tongue thou cannot understand.” Could refer to Arabic. Is.30:25; 33:16-19. In the N.T. we find this in Luke 13:4,5. Evidently, a tower in Siloam collapsed, killing eighteen people. They asked the Lord, Who sinned to cause this? Jesus concluded both sinners and saints alike get killed. Even so, repent now lest a tower falls on you!

Let us suppose Cahn is right, and this was a harbinger of warning for America- much like ancient Israel. It was not an act of God, but nothing happens without his knowledge. Why then didn’t he protect America from attack? The question should be, Where did we go wrong? God didn’t change, he is eternally the same. It is us who changed: In what way? A deterioration of society, declension. A falling away from what is right, straying from God, and like ancient Israel, lax, ignoring the signs of an invasion by outsiders. America was invaded by an unseen enemy- right before our eyes! If only we had paid attention.

The Watchman.

In ancient times cities were walled. A nightly vigil was kept by Watchmen- on the alert for invasion. The enormous stone walls of Jerusalem are still there, just as they were at the time of Jesus. (Is.21:5,8; 62:6.) The Lord spoke of his return in terms of this idea of the Watch. (Lk.12:38.) There were four: The first was 6 pm to 9 pm; the second was 9 to midnight; the third 12 to 3 am. (This is when the cock crowed for the third time as Peter uttered his third denial of knowing Christ). The fourth watch was 3 am to dawn, or 6 am. The days were likewise among the Jews: 6 am being the 1st hour; 9 am the third hour; 12 noon the sixth and 3 pm was the ninth hour: The time of the evening sacrifice in the temple.

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Sundown began a new day, a Hebrew day, the opposite from our reck-oning of time in the west, based on the Roman calendar. Jesus used this as an allegory of believers in the last days, “…He came to them in the fourth watch as they were toiling on the sea.” We are pro-phetically in the fourth watch, 3 am until dawn. Still “asleep.”

“Behold, I come as a thief in the night, at an hour ye think not. “

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Notre Dame was built to last until the end of the world: Stone, glass, plaster and giant timber buttressing. Construction began in 1160, A.D. The gargoyles seem to be peering at the flames.

Eight- hundred years old, in many ways this represents west-ern civilization. This medieval papal Church is consecrated to the Virgin Mary, and  contains the cathedra of the Archbishop of Paris right up there with the Basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome. The fire was not arson. A stray spark ignited the inferno, and they rushed around trying to rescue whatever treasures they could: Works of art, priceless paintings, statuary, tapestries, etc: But saving the perishable things of the church seemed more important than God- Whose Spirit apparently departed this sanctuary for the same reason he vacated Israel’s temples of stone which also burned to the ground: Apostasy. It was another sign. God is not sentimental and He doesn’t stay long where He is isn’t welcome.

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This frieze on the Supreme Court building depicts Moses holding the Ten Commandments.

In February,1963, the Supreme Court ruled God and prayer in public schools was unconstitutional; On November 22nd of that year, the limousine carry-ing the President and First Lady was fired upon (we are told), by a lone sniper, a Soviet sym-pathizer with a mail-order rifle. How could this happen in America? No one has really solved the mystery of what happened in Dallas that day. The official report, the Warren Commission, concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, there was no second shooter on the grassy knoll. We will never know. The only witness, Oswald, was silenced forever the next morning- while in custody. As he was being transferred, he emerged from an elevator with police and was shot. How did Jack Ruby get so close to Oswald he could be seen pointing a gun on live television? Was nobody paying attention?

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Achtung! Pay Attention!

Star of David patch printed with Jude worn by a German Jewish woman -  Collections Search - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Many Jews saw the signs- and got out in time, but the majority were caught by sur-prise when the Nuremburg Laws were passed in 1934, and a dragnet was cast across Europe: German, Polish, French, Hungarian, Dutch; laborer or professional, it didn’t matter who you were if you were Jewish. As the Reich ex-panded, citizenship and freedom of movement was revoked. Borders closed, people vanished in the night, never to be heard from again. By way of manipulation of the mind through propaganda, and intimidation, totalitarianism rules. The mind is plastic, easily molded. Everyone was scared to death they might disappear too, and must surely have thought, We are a religious people! Where was God? How could this happen to us?

Why educating about the history of the Holocaust is still important -  University of Derby Blog
Conformity and Consent in the National Community

Consensus building is is a political tactic where everyone agrees but doesn’t know why. Donald Trump was called racist, and “anti-Semitic,” while he did more for the modern Jewish State than any other U.S. president. His term corresponded with the seventieth anniversary of the founding of Israel in 1948. The Sanhedrin issued this medallion in appreciation for his decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem, acknowledging it as the capitol: His image is super-imposed over Cyrus, the Persian king who freed the Jews from captivity, allowing them to return home and rebuild the temple..

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Our civil rights are only an election away from being lost. The lust for political power is taking over America one freedom at a time. Our bureaucracy is out of control agencies that govern our lives: Nameless, unelected and unaccountable people with no integrity. Corrupt, like Lois Lerner of the IRS, who plead the 5th before a congressional committee investigating why she denied tax-exemption status for conservative groups during the Obama administration. Jay Sekulow, attorney and author calls it the “fourth branch of government:” These make up the many three- letter agencies, such as the IRS, HEW, DHS, CIA, FBI, EPA, FDA, DEA, CDC, NCA, etc. These powerful bloated bureaus make unseen laws and have been stealing our wealth and our liberty for decades. Some of us want it back.

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OPINION: The ramifications of American fascism, which is still here

Why do we seem utterly powerless against treason and the dictates of state? Most people have a very limited understand-ing of civics or our documents of freedom such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The government doesn’t want you to know your rights (that much easier to take them away). Why? Because since the dawn of man he has subjugated anyone who doesn’t agree, who doesn’t think or believe the same way. Those who won’t conform, but have an independent mind.


There is no such thing as “democratic socialism.” It is sweet- sounding to the gullible and weak of mind, who haven’t a clue they are the prey. Nice promises but nothing is free! The government earns nothing: Zero. But collects taxes from people who work.

Karl Marx | MY HERO

But raising taxes is never enough to satisfy its ravenous appetite for more to spend, so it borrows needlessly and prints worthless paper from the Federal Reserve. There is nothing federal about it and there is no reserve. Never mind how we’ll pay it all back, Leftists want government to pay for their God-less utopia where everyone is equal and everything is free.

A Marxist fantasy of a perfect world, but they probably never read Marx. Radical leftists are indoctrinating your children with it, along with their brand of racism: Caucasians are the new scapegoat. All whites are “racist,” and have “white privilege.” These slurs come mostly from white people, who believe there is no God and all authority rests with the State. If these people actually spent one day living in a country under the repressive ideology they advocate, they would find it intolerable. Bible commentators of the early twentieth century looked ahead and predicted liberalism; the fomenting of racial conflict; socialism and fascism. A hundred years ago they could read the signs because they were watching. The Vigil did not begin yesterday, and probably won’t end tomorrow.

The Deep State.

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The Deep State is a conspiracy theory which suggests that collusion and cronyism exist within the U.S. political system and constitute a hidden government within the legitimately elected government. Author Mike Lofgren believes there is a hybrid association of government and top-level finance and industry effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed,  or through the formal political process, and considers the deep state to encompass corruption prevalent among career politicians and civil servants. (Wikipedia)

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To go down this rabbit hole can blow your mind. Behind the Deep State is more depth. You might see something you’ll wish you hadn’t. Call it what you will, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. What it’s called isn’t important. There are those who thirst for power, with fantastic wealth but shallow minds. They have been working towards this for a long time, generations in fact. These people are very patient. If it doesn’t happen during their lifetime they are content to know eventually it will. It’s possible that behind it all, at the highest levels, they aren’t even human.

The World Economic Forum is calling for a “great reset” in the wake of the Covid 19 epidemic. Instead of free markets, this globalist group says the world should implement wealth taxes, government regulations and massive infrastructure spending programs. Having shut down the global economy, they want to now convert it into a socialist system. The stated goal of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism (what is that?) with the Vatican is “to build a fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable economic foundation for the world by altering government, social and political laws and regulations. Covid-19 changes capitalism forever.” -(The Philadelphia Trumpet).

The conspiracy is so vast much of it has no idea it’s even part of a conspiracy. To them it’s just the way it is, normal. They want to rob you of your essence, your very soul. To suck the life out of you. They are parasites, hypocrites and liars. A Hint: The word “sustainable,” is code for one world order; one world Church.

“I have set a watchman over you, saying hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, we will not hearken.” – Jeremiah 6:17.

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David Wilkerson (1931 – 2011).

“I am not preaching some denominational doctrine, This church does not belong to any denomination. We are not Assemblies of God, we are not Baptist, we’re not Methodist, we’re not Catholic. We’re just Holy Ghost people believing in this Book.”

Wilkerson is best known for his book “The Cross and the Switchblade,” and his founding Teen Challenge in 1958: Now a world-wide chemical dependency program. “The Vison” was his first of many prophetic books. “America’s Last Call” is a prediction of financial conditions to come, and how best to prepare for it.

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Wilkerson returned to New York where his story began, and opened Times Square Church in a Broadway theater. But his message was not the usual! Divested from organized denominations, he preached without compromise his vision of America’s future. But he disdained being called a prophet, instead he called himself a “Watchman.” Like the ones we talked about earlier, keeping a nightly vigil for threats of invasion. He was critical of pastors who keep their congregations in la-la land, failing to be honest about things to come. Promising national revival if we all just pray.

But Wilkerson said we have passed the point where prayer can change the course we have chosen. He did not believe in the “rapture,” if he did he never once mentioned it in his sermons or his books. To the contrary, however bad things may get, we will all be here for it.

The Handwriting on the Wall.

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In the cradle of civilization, the fall of ancient Babylon makes an excellent illustration: The city of gold with the Tower and hanging gardens was between the two rivers, Tigris and the Euphrates- which ran right through it. It was considered impregnable, with walls, wide and high. But one night the Persians dammed up the river and simply marched into the city on dry riverbed, as a mysterious hand wrote on the wall King Belshazzar’s death sentence: He was slain while drunk. Were the inhabitants so at ease nobody noticed the water level decreasing rapidly? Was there no watchman on duty atop the great walls, no one vigilant, no sound of the trumpet alerting everyone of danger? Before they knew it, the Mede-Persians were in control. It can happen that fast. Babylon, which is modern day Iraq, was a prophetic type: Where else do we see such a great city, with a high tower between two rivers? .

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