“Pulpit Notes.”

“Pulpit Notes.”

            Meditations for Believers.

The word “pulpit” comes from the Latin pulpitum: It means the extension on a ship’s bow for  deep-sea fishing. “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”                ___________________________________________________________________

Strange times we are living in. Suddenly the world just stopped it seems. Just a few weeks ago climate change and “sustainability” were the talk of the day, but no more. We are not in charge as we thought. We cannot make anything “sustainable.” An invasion of microbes- invisible to the eye, as if from another world. But I have yet to hear anyone, anyone at all mention the elephant in the room: Perhaps the Virus brings with it a message for humanity. 

The Creator has something to say. Maybe everything had to stop so we all might take a look at ourselves for a moment- as a society. As a civilization. As souls, each one made in the image of God. You don’t hurt others if you really believe that.  

What exactly is essential? What things in life mean the most to you ? Our needs we think about most, never stopping to realize that everything of substance, all of it all comes from his hand. Even toilet paper.