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Are you a seeker of Truth?

God is All- Consciousness and Light. We are children of that light. Conscious entities of mind and matter.

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“It is written in the prophets, they shall all be taught of God.”  Jesus

A dynamic energy force was sent into the abyss of space at the dawn of creation as vibrations. These vibrations never cease, but continue throughout the ages framing all things that constitute and inhabit the universe.   To find more lectures, see here this new review about the metal bike storage shed. 

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It vibrates within every soul: A sound which cannot be heard by the ear. A light which cannot be seen with the eye. A Word ineffable in any tongue. It’s been called many things: The TAO; the Pearl of Great Price; the Philosopher’s Stone; the Holy Grail. It is self-existent. It has no name, no form, no description. It’s an essence. In Judaism it’s the I AM. In Christianity it’s the Logos. In Buddhism it’s the OM. It has always been the same.

“I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am you may be also.”

There is a place where we are completely at home, totally satisfied, free of worry, safe from harm and truly loved as we are, no matter what our condition. Where is this place? Many a mile to freedom. As souls given free will, we wandered away, like children playing the game of life for so long we forgot it was getting late and time to go home. In our distant memory we faintly remember being there long ago. The Lord said it’s not out there, it’s in here

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“Follow Me.” God is trying to reach us, but the signal is jammed by the noise of the outer world and the static of our thoughts. The soul longs to return to this place, its true home. So close and yet so far! This is the journey to consciousness. We have lost our way, looking for something we can’t find because it isn’t there. Everything is made of matter: A vivid projection of All-Mind; the spellbinding manifestation of our collective thoughts and desires, impulses and sense impressions. These are always changing. Who we really are is not our thoughts at all but conscious spirit: Eternal Being- the same as our Creator. It never dies and never changes!


Tat Tvam Asi. (Sanskrit), You are it! (There is really nobody else).

The Lord said, “I and the father are one.” It’s the same thing, his father is your father too. To us he gave his Perfect Name:

I AM. His Name is our name too! We say it every day.

At some point in time, every human being must discover this fact- to find out who you really are. The Pulpit carries a radio message, “the Spirit moved over the waves. “There is a divine purpose behind everyone who comes into this world, no one has been created for nothing. The awakening of the soul is the most essential part of life.

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“The Master’s Voice.”

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Sat. Truth.” Kirpal Singh was a Satguru: A title given only to an enlightened saint, or Sant with qualities not found in other types of guru. “Sant and Satguru”  first came into existence from the spiritual ideology of Kabir in the 15th century.

God Power, Master Power, Christ Power.

A talk given by Kirpal Singh, Christmas, 1963.

Who was Jesus Christ? God’s He was God in Man. Jesus was the Incarnation of God. What is the difference between Jesus and the Christ? Christ existed long before Jesus. Jesus is the born man who perfectly manifested the Christ in Himself, and Christ is the Divine Nature of this God-Man. Thus Christ, the Human, existed long before His earthly birth.

God-Power appears from time to time at the human pole to guide the child-humanity and give it the Way Back to God. The question is: Who can give us the way back to God? No son of man can do it; God alone give us contact with Him. He has no equal; no brother, no father, no mother; and that God resides in every heart. Do you follow now, how great He was ? He was this God-Power manifest at the human pole, but he always differentiated between the son of man and the God-Father in Him. Other Masters, Guru Nanak and Kabir, expounded this same Truth in their own languages

Because we are not aware of the teachings of the other Masters, we think perhaps that the teaching of Jesus is the only truth. Truth, however, is One. Truth is clothed in Light, the music of all harmonies. All Masters in the past referred to It. The Sikh Scriptures contain the same assertion: “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”  They said that Word was personified in human form which guided the embodied souls and gave them contact back to God. I have respect for all human poles at which that Christ-Power dwells from time to time.

Do you comprehend ? The Christ-Power or God-Power or Guru-Power is the same, and manifests Itself at the human pole to meet the demands of His children: those who feel hungry for Him, those who feel thirsty for Him. There is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty; demand and supply is the law of nature, and where fire burns, oxygen comes to help. When man has hunger for God in his heart, God manifests Himself at some human pole to guide the child-humanity. “No man knows the Father except through the Son and he to whom the Son reveals Him.”

Jesus said: “Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God… The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation… The Kingdom of God is within you.” By observation is meant–ways which are related to the outgoing faculties. God is Spirit and we must pray to God in Spirit alone. God does not reside in temples made by man, but in the God-made temple of the Man-body. Within that Man-body temple, Jesus said: “Because I live, ye shall live also.” He did not refer to the outer son of man, the perceptible body, but to the Inner, which gave Light and was the Way back to God through Love. Jesus clearly says that no man knows the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son reveals Him. That Son is the Light of God Which exists forever. Son-ship continues. The sum of all that I have to convey to you is that Christ lived as the Man-body of Jesus, at whose pole He appeared, and that He resides in every heart. Yet He cannot be realized by mere feelings, by mere emotions, by merely drawing inferences, or by intellectual wrestling to arrive at a conclusion. It is a matter of seeing God – Who He Is. Christ said, “I am the Light of the World.” Can you see this Light? Jesus said, “The Light of the body is the eye: If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.

There were few such Personalities in the past, and even now there are few; but the world is not without Them. All humanity are the children of these Masters. The same God-Power, Christ-Power, has worked ever since the world began and continues for those children who are hungry and seek the Truth. When that hunger and thirst arises in anyone, God Who resides in every heart makes arrangements to bring him to wherever he can be duly contacted with his own Self. Can any son of man do it. No. Only the God manifested in Him has that Power. Such a person is called a Master. The true definition of a Master is given by all Masters as One Who can make audible for you the Music of the Spheres within and Who can remove the veil of darkness you see when you close your eyes, and reveal the Light of God. Such a person is called a Master.

Many others as well spoke the same. Christ lived even before He entered the sinless body of the mother. We have regard for that perpetual Christ-Power which existed before birth and continues after it, and for the Son-ship that is perpetual. That power lies in every heart and is revealed when a human pole at which the Power is manifest, meets us and gives us a contact with God. No son of man can do it except this God-Power is manifest at the human pole. When we meet Them, these human poles are competent to raise our souls from the bondage of mind and the outgoing faculties and to grant us contact within. Thus, we have regard for all human poles which give that Christ-Power Its birth from time to time. We are, then, fortunate that we are gathered here on this blessed Christmas day.

The Masters do not destroy any religion or introduce new ones. When They come, They come for the whole world. They consider all humans alike and want us to unravel this mystery of the Man-body. Great is man. He lives in this body in which God controls him; and within the microcosm of it, exists the macrocosm. We know so much about the outer subjects but, for want of practical people, we know little or nothing about ourselves, the great boon, the great blessing that we have in the form of the Man-body, the Golden Opportunity.

I have had the great pleasure to present to you for your consideration this Christmas Night, truths which I have come to know through experience and by study of comparative religion.

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“There is no one in this world who is not looking for God.
Everyone is trudging along with as much dignity, courage,
and style as they possibly can.” — Hafiz